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Oil Storage Tanks :-
oil storage tank
( MOBILE AND STATIONARY TYPE OIL STORAGE TANKS) - capacity form 2 KL to 30 KL & more
1) Type :
Toweable type rested on pneumatic/ Solid tyres adequate quality & size or Stationary type as per client’s requirement . The tank will be of cylindriacal shape & mounted Horizontaly. Also vertical tanks of various capacities are provided according to the client’s requirement as per IS 803.
2) Diamensions :
Diameter : standard as per our design
length : standard as per our design
Total Height : 4000 mm ( maximum from Road level) for any capacity
Design Temp. : 100 C max. Of storage Oil.
3) Jacking Pad :
will be provided so that it can be kept on Jack while completely filled with oil. The tank shall be provided with suitable saddles so that tank can be rested on ground after removing the pnenumatic tyres.(for mobile type only)
4) Accessories :
The tank shall be also fitted with manhole, outside & inside acess ladder,Silica gel breather assembly, inlet & outlet valve, oil sampling valve with suitable adopter, Oil draining valve, air vent etc. Pulling hook on both ends of the tank shall be provided for pulling of tank for mobile tank, when the tank completely fitted with oil. Oil level indicator shall be provided so that any time operator can have an idea of oil in the tank. Suitable rubber hose with couplers and union each minimum 10 meters long shall be provided as optional item.
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Our Services
Overhauling of Transformer Oil Filtration Plant
Transformer Oil Filtration
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Oil Filter Machine on hiring base
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Oil Storage Tank for transformer oil
Other Equipment for Hiring/Rental

Our brand promise is Best filtration equipment with durability Commitment for delivering products & solution that is advanced, easy to use and designed to meet the needs of all our users timely.

Brand Sumesh-pet is well-known in for its durability, low maintenance and excellent results.